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For What It’s Not Worth

For What It’s Not Worth

The Patriots are set to open camp, with or without N’Keal Harry (Photo: New England Patriots)


• There’s shooting your way out of town, then there’s what the underachieving N’Keal Harry is
attempting to do with the Patriots.
Henry’s agent clearly did his client no favors when he used the NFL Network as a mouthpiece to
publicly demand that Bill Belichick needs to trade the wide receiver … that Harry needs a fresh
start following two seasons where Harry barely caused a ripple after coming in as a first-round
Clearly, Harry believes that he hasn’t been the problem, that the Patriots haven’t used him in
the correct fashion. Yet what does it say about the player when Jakobi Meyers and Gunner
Olszewski – two undrafted WR’s from the same 2019 draft class as Harry – have vaulted past
Harry on the Pats’ pass-catching depth chart?
Too many of today’s athletes want to run and hide when times get tough, with Harry being the
latest example. Harry would have been better off going into the season with a major chip on his
shoulder, that he was indeed a first round caliber talent and was ready to show it.
Instead, he figures to find himself in the Hoodie’s doghouse. For if there’s one thing we’ve
learned about the Patriots, it’s that The House always wins when it comes to disgruntled players.

• It’s great that the Friars are welcoming back LaDontae Henton to Ed Cooley’s coaching staff.
Personally, I would take the 2015 version of Buckets, someone who often lived up to his clever
nickname when it came to scoring in a variety of ways. Maybe Henton can help lure that type of player to the Friar roster.

• Speaking of the Friars, word came down earlier this week that former one-time verbal commit
Jayden Epps plans to play at Illinois. Champaign over Providence? Good luck to the youngster.

QUIZ OF THE WEEK: The Red Sox had five members of this year’s A.L. All-Star Team. When was the
last time Boston had that many representatives at the Midseason Classic? (Answer near the
bottom of the column.)

• Want a good sports story? Just follow the trail of breadcrumbs left behind by Ch. 12 sports gal
Rosie Langello, who lately has become the gold standard of producing stories that are copied
by other R.I. media outlets.

• Speaking of Ch. 12, new sports director Morey Hershgordon’s tribute to his blind grandfather was both touching and a social media hit.

• When will USA Basketball’s Olympic entry stop embarrassing our country?

• Is it me or is J-Lo getting back together with Ben Affleck fall under the category of too much
information? The same can be said about Blake Shelton marrying Gwen Stefani.

• Memo to all pro athletes: if you want to keep making ridiculous sums of money do the right thing. Get vaccinated!

QUIZ ANSWER: The Red Sox had six All-Stars in 2008: Manny Ramirez, Jonathan Papelbon,
Jason Varitek, J.D. Drew, Dustin Pedroia, and Kevin Youkilis.

• The horse left the barn a long time ago when it comes to excitement surrounding MLB’s Home
Run Derby. Then again, Shohei Ohtani is a guy who catches your eye.

• Did you see where Rhode Island jumped from last to 46th in CNBC’s annual list of America’s
Top States for Business? Out of the basement at last!

• This column would have been longer, but I’m waiting to see if Bunky McCoy can get a weekly
guest segment on the KevinMcSports Hour. Talk about radio gold, but I’m not holding my breath Bunky.



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