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Big East Media Day Podcast with Ed Cooley

Big East Media Day Podcast with Ed Cooley

It was a dizzying and busy Big East Media Day Wednesday with all 11 head coaches and several players from each team chatting with the press.

We tracked down Ed Cooley during his media blitz and he gave us some time for extra questions outside of his media block. Some highlights on this week’s 401 Podcast:

*Brycen Goodine is cleared. Where and how does he fit in?

*Who looks good in early practice sessions? David Duke. “David looks ready for a game right now,” Cooley said.

*The NCAA’s decision to grant an extra season of eligibility opens the door for seniors Nate Watson and Noah Horchler to return next season. It even effects transfer Ed Croswell. Could the burly rebounder from La Salle play this season? Clearly the door is now open and Cooley says he loves his new power forward’s ability to pass.

Enjoy this week’s 401 Podcast!



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