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Santa Cooley gearing up to host his Friars for Christmas

Santa Cooley gearing up to host his Friars for Christmas

The Big East schedule and pandemic will keep Ed Cooley’s Friars on campus for Christmas.

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree

This classic Christmas song by Michael Buble (and others) is a holiday staple but isn’t the theme song for the Providence Friars or many teams around the college basketball world this season.

Due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, most programs are not able to send their players home for Christmas next week. PC is scheduled to play at Butler on Dec. 23 and won’t play again until Dec. 30. That normally provides enough of a window for players to travel home and get back to campus but not this season.

As Cooley said Tuesday, the pandemic restrictions will keep his players in Providence. He said he’ll have to sing a few favorite holiday tunes and provide the fun for all.

So, yes, some like Elvis, some like Bing Crosby, some like Luther Vandross.

Here is the great Buble – a Christmas legend!

So, hey, this YouTube thing is pretty fun.

We recall that Cooley has some experience in the Christmas Department. All good Friar fans must remember Santa Cooley, right?

That’s LaDontae Henton knocking down some jumpers in practice back in 2011. Today Cooley’s focus is on David Duke, A.J. Reeves and the rest of his current team.

“I feel for our players, I really do,” he said. “The coaches, we’ll go home and see our children and our families. Some of these kids are really missing their parents, their guardians and their friends. It’s not normal but we just have to try and do the best thing for them. First of all it’s health and mental health is part of that. They’ll be loved up and taken care of.”



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