Kevin McSports

Welcome Back KMc

Boy, it’s good to be back.

After all, how much golf can you really play?

The answer, easily, is a lot.
We’ve touched a lot of first tees in the last six months but it’s time to get back to the Sports world. It’s time to return to the enjoyable grind of telling the stories that sports fans in Rhode Island, fans around college basketball, and friends from all corners love to read, watch and enjoy. After all, how ‘bout those Celtics baby? Are Patriots fans enjoying the Cam Newton Experience? Will we even see the Friars and the Rams this winter? The list goes on and on, with or without a pandemic. For those who know my work, thank you. It’s a pleasure to inform, entertain and, hopefully, become a part of your sports browsing options once again. For those of you who have stumbled onto this site, KevinMcSports is the new home of the media work of Kevin McNamara and a few of his friends. I’ve covered college basketball, the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox and even some Bruins for over 30 years at the Providence Journal. That relationship ended last May but despite the challenges that Covid-19 keeps presenting, we now see some light. The sports world is not going to end. We will conquer this virus. Excepting the return of pro golf and a glimpse at Bryson DeChambeau’s new muscles, not much happened in sports at the dawn of the summer months. But now the pros are back at it, all four majors competing at the same time for the first time in history. The craziest August (hockey playoffs in August?) ever sparked fans out of their doldrums and September is jammed as well, with the Kentucky Derby and U.S. Opens (tennis and golf) tossed in for good measure. This is all a good thing because, wow, do the unwatchable Red Sox stink! Was last place in Chaim Bloom’s grand plan? Anyways, this is an introduction to KevinMcSports. You will see plenty of stories, videos and our 401 Podcast shedding some insight into the Celtics’ playoff run, plus maybe even an occasional look at the Red Sox seemingly long road to recovery. There will be a large dose of content about the post-Tom Brady Patriots because the Pats (and the NFL) rule the sports conversation in these parts. But the real focus here will be college basketball. I can’t express how flattered I was when so many coaches, administrators and even former PC and URI players wished me well back in May. The same goes for all my friends in the media, some of whom are also searching for new platforms these days. Most of all I heard from readers and supporters around the country who urged me to stay in the sports news game. Thank you, and now I’m back. You will see those stories with interviews and features on the biggest names in college basketball. You will get the best inside look at the Big East there is, from Villanova to Creighton to St. John’s and (hello!) UConn. Most of all we’ll have more PC and URI hoop content than anywhere else. We’ll give you the season previews of every Big East team, the Top 25, features and profiles of the biggest names in the sport and interviews with coaches and power players all over college basketball. We will see some of the top prep players in New England and tell their stories and follow where they’re headed for college. There will also be a heaping dose of video and audio. The 401 Podcast will feature an all-star cast of newsmakers and plenty of my friends around the sports world. Finally, this is my new job and in order to access the bulk of the content on KevinMcSports you will need to subscribe. Wait, don’t jump and click to the safety of your Twitter feed. This is 2020, the world has changed. You’ve paid for my work for years in some shape or form and all I can promise is much, much more of the same and at a much, much cheaper price. My business is changing, just like so many others. You can find on-line news on your phone, your tablet or your desktop for free but for specific sports news like you’ll find here, we’ll be charging a reasonable fee just like the excellent sites at The Athletic and Boston Sports Journal, to name a few. The entire site is open for the first few weeks so please sample a bit of everything and get used to coming here on a regular basis. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button or click here to join in. Give us a try and please make KevinMcSports part of your sports entertainment day. Thanks for reading.