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For What It’s Not Worth

For What It’s Not Worth

Early returns on Chaim Bloom’s Red Sox appear promising (Photo: Boston Red Sox)


• Dear Boston Red Sox: Please accept my apology.
• Like many, I wrote you off after getting faceplanted in the form of a season-opening sweep at
the hands of the Orioles. I thought the 2021 season would merely be an extension of the disastrous 2020 season – which mercifully lasted only 60 games long.
• I thought I would be spending the summer months dreaming of when Mookie and JBJ roamed
the outfield while eagerly counting down to the days to Patriots’ training camp.
• Now? The Sox can’t lose a game. Remember when we said that no team has ever gone 0-162?
How about 159-3?
• Yes, it’s still early, but winning six straight after losing three straight to begin the year? Pass me the Kool-Aid, Bunky. It’s time to give the Sons of Alex Cora a little love.

• One night after missing a game due to a COVID scare, J.D. Martinez comes back and smashes
three home runs in a single game. He now has extra-base hits in all eight games he has played.
This is the same guy who hit .213 last season?
• You have to feel for Dustin Johnson. Not only does he miss the cut in his quest to defend last
November’s Masters’ victory, but he had to hang around Augusta two additional days so he
could present Hideki Matsuyama with the Green Jacket.

LINE OF THE WEEK comes from Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez, who after blasting a game-
tying home run in the ninth inning of last Wednesday’s extra-inning win over Tampa Bay said,
“Right now, I’m feeling sexy at the plate.”
• Speaking of sexy, Vazquez should make it a point to drive down to South County and check
out the beaches during the summer months.

LINE OF THE WEEK II comes from NESN Red Sox analyst/Baseball Hall of Famer Dennis
Eckersley on Boston pitcher Garrett Whitlock: “Stealing somebody like that from the Yankees is
a beautiful thing.”
• My kingdom for the Sox finally pulling the wool over the Yankees’ eyes after Harry Freeze sold
Babe Buth to the Bronx Bombers for $100,000.

The Sox are happy to see Eduardo Rodriguez back on the mound. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

• The Red Sox were on YouTube, not NESN last Thursday. I know the Sox are cutting costs, but
what in the name of Curt Gowdy is going on here?
• One thought from last Monday’s national title game between Baylor and Gonzaga: I haven’t seen a
beatdown like that since Clubber Lang made quick work of Rocky Balboa in the first fight of “Rocky III.”
• One surefire sign that we’re in a much better spot in terms of the pandemic will be when there’s an in-studio crossover segment between WPRO afternoon host Dan Yorke and Sports Gabber Kevin McNamara.
• Congrats to UMass for winning the Men’s Hockey National Championship. Let’s hope the
program doesn’t have a John Calipari type-of-character lurking in the weeds – the kind the
NCAA Violation Police always seem to have a field day with.
• The year was 2009. Obama was in the White House and “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas was the No. 1 song on the radio. It’s also the last time the Yankees won the World Series.
• What up with the Boston Bruins? Beat the first place Washington Capitals one day, get whacked (8-1) the next? Bring on the playoffs.

• Are TB12 and Gronk still celebrating their latest Super Bowl win?
• This column would have been longer, but the Independent Man asked if I could give him a
ride so he could get his second COVID vaccine. One more step to getting back to normal.



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