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For What It’s Not Worth: The geniuses have turned out the lights in the Renaissance City.

For What It’s Not Worth: The geniuses have turned out the lights in the Renaissance City.

Gov. Dan McKee could only chuckle when confronted by Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza this week


• Mr. Brady goes to Washington? Where’s Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart when you need

Wearing sunglasses and sporting grins, Tom Brady swung and connected plenty of times during
the Buccaneers’ recent appearance at the White House. Who needs to celebrate a Super Bowl
title when TB12 is perfecting his standup routine on the South Lawn? Sleepy Tom, meet Sleepy
Joe, aka Mr. 40 Percent.

Tom a Trump supporter? There was no MAGA hat to be found on this day. Brady skipped both Patriots-related
Super Bowl visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. when the Donald occupied the Oval Office. To see
Brady standing next to Joe Biden … so much for stomping for the Republican cause once Gisele
tells him enough is enough regarding football.

Bottom line? Brady stole the show at an event that was supposed to be about honoring the
team. That seems to be a recurring scenario in TB12’s charmed life.

• The days of loyalty in college sports have been over for quite some time. Now comes word
that Texas and Oklahoma – two linchpin members of the Big 12 – are leaving in favor of a bigger
pigskin payday in the SEC. When is too much money enough? Never, in college football anyways.

• More is better? The SEC already lays claim to the top football conference. Coaches make $10 million a season and the stands are always full. Now? It’s like Walmart on steroids – a bigtime corporation where tradition need not apply. Who needs Texas-Texas Tech when you can enjoy that Vanderbilt vs. Texas matchup.

QUIZ OF THE WEEK: Who is the last left-handed Red Sox pitcher to win 20 games in a season?
(Answer near the bottom of the column.)

• Memo to Giannis Antetokounmpo: Don’t ever change.

• Milwaukee has something called the Deer District, a place where 65,000 fans showed up to
watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Around these parts, we have an answer to a place where the
deer like to roam. Those who frequently travel Route 295 during the fall months know
what I’m talking about.

• Chris Paul has been part of four playoff series where the team he was on went on to lose after
surrendering a 2-0 lead. Talk about buzzard’s luck, Bunky.

• I’ll never understand the allure of Shark Week.

• Then again there are a lot of `cool’ things I’m not understanding these days, Bunky. Like speed bumps 100 yards ahead of a street light all over the City of Providence. The geniuses have turned out the lights in the Renaissance City.

• Why does CBS continue to let Gayle King within 100 miles of a real news story?

• Ditto the commissioner of a pro sports team handing the championship trophy first to the
owner and not the star player/coach. Who’s more meaningful, the star player or the guy who signs the checks?

• Imagine waiting 20 years and using $7.5 billion of your own money to spend three minutes
unbuckled in space. Welcome to Jeff Bezos’ world.

• Don’t invite Governor Dan McKee and Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza to the same dinner
party, Bunky. Better yet, how about old pal Jimmy Burchfield stepping in and strapping on
boxing gloves so they can settle their differences in the ring? One thing is for certain, things got
pretty heated when they gathered on the banks of the Providence River as Elorza attempted to
cover his own tracks in his quest to save a Providence School System that has imploded under his watch.

• Sticking with Mista Mayor, under his watch too many Providence teachers “routinely call in sick Mondays and Fridays and before and after holidays. Now they will be asked to submit a doctor’s note and may be subject to disciplinary action,” according to the ProJo. Wow, that’s cracking down. In exchange the new contract includes a $3,000 bonus for teachers upon ratification.

• Baseball really comes alive around here when the calendar reads late July and the Sox and
Yankees are playing a big series at Fenway Park.

• Coming soon to a beach, gym, or Dunkin’ Donuts Center near you: a “Fear N0ne” T-shirt
courtesy of the clothing line started by Friars big man Nate Watson.

• Who had a worst July – Stephen A. Smith or Rachael Nichols?

• Maria Taylor’s exit from ESPN was as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

• Speaking of the ole Journal, it’s not good to no longer see a local scribe covering the Red Sox on a daily basis. Last time I checked the Olde Towne Team resided atop the American League East standings. Where have you gone Sean McAdam, Steven Krasner and Tim Britton?

• Good luck to Courtney Cox as she becomes WEEI’s latest attempt to boost the station’s
lagging radio ratings. On that note, how would Courtney look next to my pal KMc on WPRO’s KevinMcSports Hour?

• Memo to Collin Morikawa: there’s a lot of pressure that goes with wearing the crown of being
the next big thing in golf.

• Memo to Gov. McKee: You get my re-election vote if you can fix the beach traffic and dumb lights on Route 4 in North Kingstown.

QUIZ ANSWER: Mel Parnell, back in 1953.

• Will the Summer Olympics in Tokyo make it to the finish line? Better question, will USA Men’s
Basketball find a way past France a second time around?

• This column would have been longer, but like some people via social media, I’m looking to
keep it real. And find a way to Narragansett.



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