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The 401 Podcast: ESPN Analyst Tim Welsh

The 401 Podcast: ESPN Analyst Tim Welsh

March and all its Madness is coming into focus. We can see a large bubble forming with Big East and ACC teams forming much of the confusion.

Then there are the super conferences. This year that title hangs around the becks of the Big 12 and Big Ten. We caught up with one of the hoop analysts who follows the Big 12 closest and its a voice Providence fans know very well.

Tim Welsh coached the Friars for 10 years, guiding the team to the post-season five times. He was on the bench when the Friars rose to 12th in the national polls (2004), he discovered an All-American (Ryan Gomes) and led PC into the teeth of the Big East.

Welsh talks about the day Jim Calhoun had a bit of a meltdown after Gomes torched his team in Hartford, the job Ed Cooley is doing at PC, the problems at Boston College and the strength of the Big 12.


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