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401 Podcast: Bob Driscoll, the Exit Interview

401 Podcast: Bob Driscoll, the Exit Interview

Bob Driscoll is retiring this month after 21 years at PC (Photo by PC Athletics/Justin Muir)

After 21 years, Bob Driscoll is set to walk away from his duties as Providence College’s athletic director. So now is the perfect time for a 401 Podcast Exit Interview.

Driscoll came to Rhode Island from a job at the University of California but is a New Englander at heart. The Concord, Mass., native enjoyed his time back East and the difference between the Providence athletic department today from the time he arrived is incalculable. PC’s facilities grew from a shaky Division 3 outfit to Big East level under Driscoll. It’s fundraising machine started from nearly ground zero and is now humming along at a level to support some of the best coaches in the country.

Driscoll is quick to credit his coaches and staff – his teammates – for PC’s successes over the last 20 years. He also appreciates that the Friars’ underdog mentality in the Big East/Hockey East is worn as a badge of honor and has assisted in victories large and small. Driscoll is proud that his successor, Steve Napolillo, is one of those long-time teammates and promises that he will remain in touch in FriarTown as a mentor/consultant in the coming years.

I’ve appreciated my working relationship with Bob Driscoll over the years and am pleased to have him join the 401 Podcast for his final interview as the leader of PC athletics.

Photo courtesy PC Athletics

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